John & Erin

Hi! We're John and Erin, the friendly faces behind Sprouted Earth Farm...


Most recently from Eugene, Oregon, we moved to Barnum, Minnesota in 2018 to pursue our farm dreams. While we may have moved from Oregon, we have a deep love for the Midwest and have always known in our hearts that we belong near Lake Superior. We recently added Pepper the Pupper to our crew. He works harder, snuggles harder, and loves harder than we do, but luckily he tolerates us.

We just wrapped up our first growing season and, thanks to a great community of farmers and patrons, it was a huge success! We're currently spending the cold months reviewing the 2019 season, planning for the 2020 season, and doing a bit of relaxing. Spring will be here before you know it!

2990 Elm Road

Barnum, MN 55707



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